Founded in 2015,  NEWMENstudio  is a boutique film...

Founded in 2015, NEWMENstudio is a boutique film production studio that develops projects using enhanced multimedia techniques including virtual and augmented reality to create interactive and unique content focused on cultural, environmental, and social issues.

NEWMENstudio productions include documentaries, short films, and music videos. We are pioneers in the creation of immersive content in Cuba and frequently collaborate with artists and organizations from around the world to support the creation of interactive and audiovisual projects.

NEWMENstudio also designs and implements workshops on how to apply virtual and augmented reality techniques to tell impactful stories for artists, journalists, engineers, designers, NGOs, and the interested audiences.

NEWMENstudio productions have been featured at the Sundance Film Festival, Malaga Film Festival, Virtuality, and many others.

   Marcos Louit      NEWMENstudio Founder and Director ....

Marcos Louit

NEWMENstudio Founder and Director.

Cuban Filmmaker with more than 15 years of experience as director, editor,  VFX and Post- Production general supervisor. XR creator.

He holds degrees from New York Film Academy, New York/ California 2015; Escuela Internacional de Cine San Antonio de los Banos in collaboration with Sundance Institute, Cuba 2015; and Instituto Superior de Diseño Industrial, Industrial Design Bachelor Degree, Cuba 2004. He has been the editor, post-producer, and producer of many Cuban and foreign audiovisuals like La singular historia de Juan Sin Nada (Cuba), Cancion de Barrio, Silvio Rodriguez en 2 años de Gira Interminable (Cuba), Liberation 7th Avenue (Cuba/China), among others. He has also created the first VR Cuban series Cuba, the enchanted island and was selected to Sundance Film Festival 2020 with the VR short film Bembé.

   Patricia Díaz      NEWMENstudio Founder....

Patricia Díaz

NEWMENstudio Founder.

Freelance Visual Art Creator and Developer. Experienced Cuban art curator, project developer, and producer.

She holds degrees from University of Colorado Denver, Nonprofit Mangement 2018, University of Delaware, English as a second language, and Universidad de La Habana, Art History Major. She has participated in visual art and audiovisual projects like CCambio campaign with WWF and EU, Instalaciones Fortuitas project at FAC, and collaborated with Museo de las Americas in Denver and coordinates Tercer Paraíso Cuba. She has also created the first VR Cuban series Cuba, the enchanted island and she was selected to Sundance Film Festival 2020 with the VR short film Bembé.

NEWMENstudio CubanVR

Founded in Cuba in 2015 by Marcos Louit and Patricia Diaz, NEWMENstudio works to establish effective collaborations for the development of immersive projects.
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