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"Tu soledad me abriga la garganta". Song from Silvio Rodriguez concert.
marcos louit
Sep 3, 2022
Location: Havana, Cuba
"Tu soledad me abriga la garganta" (Your absence warms my throat) is the third song from Silvio Rodriguez concert in the Marti Theater, La Habana, on September 28th, 2018. Every song from this concert will be shared independently by the author and our studio is more than pleased to be part of it. It represented the effort of nine cinematographers in different specialties and months of sound and video postproduction.

Silvio Rodríguez: Voice and guitar
Niurka González: Flute
Rachid López: Guitar
Maykel Elizarde: Tres
Oliver Valdés: Drums
Jorge Reyes: Double bass
Emilio Vega: Vibraphone
Ernesto (Enzo) Estrada: Room sound
Olimpia Calderón: Monitors, recording and mixing
Ojalá Studios, Havana, Cuba.
Denise Guerra: Direction of photography
Marcos Louit: Direction and Filmmaking
Alain Lopez Martínez
Alejandro Calleja
Alexei Santiago
Andy Ruíz Muñoz
Denise Guerra Rivas
Marcos Louit Ramos: Cinematographers
Julio Alejandro Hernández
Juan Antonio Hernández: Flycam
Beatriz Candelaria Suárez: DIT
Patricia Díaz Gómez: Production
NEWMENstudio: Finalization
Teatro Martí. Dragones st. No. 58 between Prado and Zulueta.
Old Havana. September 28th, 2018

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